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The Melchizedek Method

Incorporating The Triple Hologram of Love Merkaba

What is Melchizedek

A sacred and Divine name that speaks of a theme that is timeless. Melchizedek is not necessarily just the name of an individual who once lived upon Earth, as many may presume. It is also the name of the Cosmic Priesthood that exists through every dimension upon every sacred planet. In ancient days, Melchizedek temples were set up for the purpose of teaching dedicated initiates how to unfold their spiritual gift so they in turn could help their brothers and sisters to freedom. The Melchizedek Priesthood comes in many forms. All of your favorite Ascended Masters and Gurus are each Melchizedeks in their own right. No matter what ideology or religion, every saint, sage, guru and master must go through the Melchizedek Initiations, whether in a temple or in the inner planes.

Even today, many secret priesthoods continue, holding to the cosmic laws, to their own inner vision and sacred purpose. The power of the Melchizedek remains in the etheric retreats and in the subterranean cities, nurtured and guarded until the time when the outer temples can again be re-established. The time for the Melchizedek to reawaken is NOW! As each of us recognized our mission and reclaims our personal power, this will become a reality. Touching every corner of the globe and reaching every aspect of planetary society, those who serve the Melchizedek will be a healing balm to the ills of humanity.

All life-forms, all bodies, all planetary forms, and everything even beyond that, all came out of a simple little round ball. Once we created this external universe, which in actual fact was an experiment for us, we then decided to get into it. It is no problem for Spirit, for Great Spirit, for God to be in more than one place at once. In fact, God can be in all places at once. And so, God actually divided himself/herself. Part of himself/herself, beyond sex, remained outside of the experiment and part of God moved into the experiment. And again in a very, very specific way, using the very form that created the experiment - that very specific pattern and shape which is sometimes referred to as the MERKABA - the spirit of God moved inside and began to experience directly what was created. That consciousness is now referred to as MELCHIZEDEK CONSCIOUSNESS. It was formless and there was nothing but Spirit and consciousness. There was no created anything other than the format. From there, the consciousness of God through Melchizedek divided Himself/Herself one more time into the consciousness of Christ. And that consciousness took on and contained the possibility of form. All form at all levels, no matter who it is and where it came from, came from the Christ and through the Christ. But when the MELCHIZEDEK CONSCIOUSNESS divided itself into the Christ, it automatically created a third component - something beyond itself and beyond the Christ, which could be referred to as the Supreme of Ultimate Personality of the universe, that which contains all life. That Ultimate Personality is very often referred to as God. It is a - Jehovah or Yahweh. It is given a name because it is within waveform and can contain a name. It is definable. But the aspect of God outside of the created universe cannot be defined, cannot be even discussed, can't even be talked about. There is nothing inside of us on any level what so ever that can reach that, except there is Who We Are which is that droplet of the original - but there are no senses within us that can reach that point. 

We went on for a very long time in this particular way. These three components, in modern day times are usually referred to as the FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT. The FATHER is the ULTIMATE PERSONALITY, and the SON  is the CHRIST, and the HOLY SPIRIT (the formless) is the MELCHIZEDEK aspect. 

If we search our hearts, it is easy to remember a lifetime in which we served in the temples of the great civilizations, now past. A lifetime dedicated to reaching the human potential of transforming ourselves from Human to Godman. By consciously choosing to be initiated into the various levels of the Melchizedek, we humbly take the first step to return to that state of being.

Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek are being talked about more and more in various spiritual circles. In the larger cosmic sense, the Order of Melchizedek has no "name" as such because it is identified by its work and dedication. It is composed of evolved beings who have dedicated themselves to the work of promoting spiritual growth wherever that is possible. It is the one true SPIRITUAL PRIESTHOOD. 

The spirit that has come to be known as Melchizedek came to the Earth before it was truly formed, while the nature of this experiment was still being shaped by the Elohim, those beings who had taken it upon themselves to attempt a new and daring attempt at combining free will and spiritual awareness. When spirits began to descend into physical bodies, beginning with that society we call Lemuria, the spirit of Melchizedek began to incarnate and offer guidance to these beings. As the experience Of Lemuria reached an end and it was necessary to descend further into the physical, what we know as Atlantis began and Melchizedek's work shifted to that area.

The violent end of Atlantis caused a serious disruption in the natural descent and plunged humanity deep into the physical without any conscious connection to its spiritual nature. This situation called for some sort of drastic action. The spirit of Melchizedek finally arrived at a plan to restore self-aware spiritual growth and with the help of many other advanced spiritual beings, the Egyptian Mystery Schools were established. The goal of these schools was to elevate individuals into that awareness that has come to be known as Christ Consciousness. Some of those achieving Christ Consciousness stayed in Egypt to carry on the work there, others went off to Salem to work with Melchizedek in founding a community of Christ Conscious beings. (Note that this Salem is not the town that grew into Jerusalem, but a center in the Caucasus mountains, from which other teachers have come.)

 So the name of the Order derives from this historical Melchizedek, the Old Testament personage described as the "King of Salem" and "Priest Of The Most High God" who met with Abraham as he returned from his battles. (Genesis 14) Melchizedek received Abraham's tithes and gave him bread and wine, foreshadowing the communion established by Jesus. Paul speaks about Melchizedek at some length in Chapters 5-7 of his Epistle to the Hebrews, and justifies Jesus' priesthood on the grounds that it is like that of Melchizedek.

But for all its involvement with human affairs, the Order has for the last 4000 years been a shadowy presence at best. While members were involved with establishing various organizations for manifold purposes, the Order itself was never a public organization. But at this time, as humanity approaches a vital cusp in determining whether it will make a vital leap in its ascension out of the gross physical, it was deemed necessary that the teachings of the Priesthood begin to be made more open.

A prime involvement of the priesthood, still, is promoting Christ Consciousness, which could be defined as having a fully opened heart chakra and centering one's being there rather than in the lower chakras. Once Christ Consciousness is achieved, the individual stands on the threshold of possibilities that include viewing the breadth and width of universes around us, being able to stand outside space and time to view the realities of existence from that perspective.

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