The Most Remarkable New/Ancient Spiritual Science Of Our Time

The Melchizedek Method

Incorporating The Triple Hologram of Love Merkaba

Level One 

  Quote from Thoth:

"The Melchizedek Method is much more than a healing and rejuvenation technique or Lightbody activation. It is a whole "new formula" for body health, harmony, and Spiritual Ascension."

The Melchizedek Method  Light Body Activation teachings are presented in a four day course that teach and practically demonstrate a revolutionary new form of physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual healing, age-reversal, and lightbody activation. First practiced on Earth in the ancient Atlantean times, introduced to man by the Cetaceans (dolphins and whales) within the temples of self-discovery and higher learning, the Melchizedek Method techniques were first gifted to Earth in August 1997 by the great Ascended Master Thoth through ALTON  KAMADON.

This  Method establishes a constant flow of love energy from your heart to the source of God, and to the heart center of the Earth. Linking in this way allows you to draw the spiritual energies of God source and Earth together to manifest a high frequency love healing energy that uplifts the human body and etheric bodies into a state of receptivity for healing and rejuvenation. Accessing original thought form and emotion is then made possible in this state and completes this powerful experience.

The basis of all the Melchizedek Method techniques is the activation of the Hologram of Love Merkaba rotating light field thereby awakening your spherical consciousness. This raises ones quotient of light vibration within the human atomic cell structure. Once activated, the healing capabilities of a practitioner are enhanced a hundred fold. The heart awakens and opens more to unconditional love during healing sessions and continues during your normal life.

You are invited to attend a five day certified practitioner course comprised of the basic but extremely powerful ascension techniques that allow us to activate the Hologram of Love Three Breath Merkaba lightbody, thereby leading to the healing, cleansing, and rejuvenation of the seven outer bodies, the physical body, nervous system, the heart, blood, immune system, chakras, muscles, bone structure, internal organs, eyes, ears, nose, skin, pineal and pituitary glands, and much more.

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