Testimony for Joan Ernst

Testimony for Joan Ernst - Level One - Capitan, NM

For three and a half years I had a pain in my left side. I went to alternative practitioners during that time with very little relief. When I took the Level One Melchizedek Method Course in Albuquerque in October, 1999, Alton talked about the healing people experience using these techniques. The techniques were fairly simple and a little confusing at that time. When I finished, I still had the pain.

For three weeks after the course, I did ride the emotional waves up and down. Then I leveled off and felt really good.

I did purchase the tapes before the end of the course. I used a few of the tapes every day for about two weeks and then used them about three times a week. Two months later, in December, I was walking around my house and noticed I was not limping with the pain in my side. The pain was gone and has not returned. I had so much more energy and have felt very good ever since.

Through the years, I experienced many regression sessions and know that the only way to really cure something, is to go to our source, which is our Time Space Continuum memory bank. The techniques in the Melchizedek Method are much easier and faster, because we are working with our original encodings.

This is truly the most cutting edge and quantum leap techniques we have now. The nice thing is they work and are permanent healing modalities.

Testimony for Joan Ernst - Level Two - Capitan, NM

In August, 2000, I took Level Two Melchizedek Method. At the end, many of us said this is a tremendous quantum leap from Level One and all other techniques on planet earth. Since my health improved so much after taking Level One, I did not know what to expect after Level Two. While I was taking the course, I was confused because these techniques were more than Level One.

I purchased the Level Two CDís and used them when I came home. After using the book and CDís at home, it seemed so easy to do. The one thing that I noticed, was my heart chakra opened up and I could see unconditional love flowing out with the greatest of ease. This was something I was trying to do for a long time. Now I do it with ease. Now I am looking forward to taking Level Three.

Testimony for Joan Ernst - Level Three - Capitan, NM

In May, 2001, I took Level Three in Albuquerque with Alton. For two months before the course, I had chest congestion with a persistent cough which was due to a dust allergy and infection.

The last day of the course, when we were doing our healing technique, the congestion cleared up instantly and all the congestion and cough stopped and has not returned.

The techniques in Level Three are even more potent than Level One and Two.


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